Strailboard Mini 28 Inch Electric Skateboard for Kids Review

Electric Skateboard for kids

The Strailboard Mini Electric skateboard, a very interesting electric skateboard especially designed for children and teenagers, is the world’s first somatosensory electric skateboard with high sensitivity. It runs at a max speed of 30km per hour and covers a range of 20 km on a single charge. It is easy for children to get hang of it. In addition, the fair price makes it a particularly good choice. To ensure a high level of safety, this skateboard is equipped with LED safety lights for riders to clearly see road obstacles and thus improve safety at night. The Strailboard Mini electric skateboard adopts imported quality lithium battery-Samsung Electric Skateboard 10SP2 battery and comes up with a fair and competitive price, which is superior to the skateboards from conventional manufacturers.
The Strailboard Mini skateboard kit includes a wireless remote control, making it easy to use with your fingertips. Turn on the remote control to switch to remote control mode. Press the button to speed, brake or reverse your skateboard. The ABS brake system controls the brake force to reduce wheels skid, and therefore ensure the security. Many other skateboards are designed with locked brake system in order to highlight it, which is not really desirable.
Given all factors, the Strailboard Mini skateboard will surprise you with its low weight and strong power. This product of great potential is well-made, powerful, safe and moderately priced. It is also easy to manipulate.
Highlight Features:
  • Suitable for children and teenagers under 160kg
  • 20km on a single charge
  • ABS
  • LED safety lights
  • Weights only 7.8kg
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