Today, I bring you one of those on-line discoveries that are worth a lot and that is that you will get excited, it's the store, was created in 2006 and is a company that sells wholesale makeups and professional brands most popular cosmetics.

They have a cooperative relationship, with most of the big factories of cosmetic and best makeup. Its sales market extends to Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia and more, 100% guaranteed. Accept payment with credit card and send the article in 24 hours once the payment has been received, we use Hong Kong post and EMS, once the weight of the order reaches the 2 kg offer EMS, which takes approximately 7 days to arrive and if the weight of the order is less than 2kg use Hong Kong post which takes about 10 to 15 working days. They offer refunds if the product has quality problem, or has been damaged during the delivery the order always has tracking number to know in that situation is our package.

I can tell you that not distinguish if they are real or duplicate signatures, because they are exactly the same, as an anecdote to say that my friend in one of your orders bought paddle Chocolat Bar brand Too Face and smells of chocolate as "the original", so we believe that It is original, from your company ensure they are original and that the prices are so cheap, because they are free of customs and other taxes. The good news is that prices are not excessive, we can see if they are worth or not, but all the reviews, I have seen on YouTube included the one of my friend is a lot worth, I'm already thinking what I am going to ask for and it is a problem because I like everything.

 I taught my wish list:

I hope you liked!
Happy Day!!

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  1. Cosas irresistibles.
    ¿Has puesto el blog en inglés? Me sale todo en ese idioma...

  2. love those retro lipsticks... :)

  3. Muy interesante te mando un beso

  4. QUiero toda tu wishlist, es la mejor selección
    Un besito guapa :)

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