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I wanted to do a post dedicated to the latest discoveries found online, lately I have been playing around with different websites and among them those of clothes, I am very happy since I have found a store called Feelingirldress that I liked a lot, on this online page you will find a great clothing store that has been online for 11 years, this shop is dedicated to women’s and men’s clothing in which you will be able to find sportswear, professional girdles, corset...

I’ve been thinking that I want to get a little fit for the summer and I’ve been looking for professional clothes to wear to the gym and shapewear bodysuits, spring is a great time to go outdoors and exercise, So today I want to show you this new page where you will be able to find a lot of different designs at irresistible prices.

Two of its star products are the custom waist trainer and shapewear bodysuits for both men and women.

They offer their products with fast shipments and to all parts of the world and offer safe purchases, thanks to secure payments with platforms such as Paypal, Visa and Mastercard.It starts the summer season, so I am very inspired by everything that has to do with sports, you can see all their catalog in their online store. You can find a variety of different corsets and girdles with different cuts, designs, colors and more ergonomic designs and the best with a variety of sizes from basic to those cataloged as large sizes. I have made you a small selection of my favorite clothes and accessories.



I have fallen in love with your online page, I already have more than one garment chosen to be part of my wardrobe and my basics when doing sports and exercise outdoors or in gym, If you liked it I recommend you take a tour of its website is full of incredible designs.


Espero que os haya gustado
Feliz día!!

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  1. Parece que sirve para todas las tallas y constituciones. Un abrazo

  2. Tiene cosas bonitas :-)))
    1 saludito


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