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How long has it been since I wrote in this little corner... and life takes you down other paths, after twelve years with the blog I needed to disconnect and rest, during this last year I had lost the desire and the motivation to put myself in front
of the computer, this blogging world is quite difficult since one has to find one's motivations, but I'm back and I don't know if I'll be constant but let's stay with the present and here I am with this wonderful post.
The end of summer is approaching and we are noticing that after the holidays we have put aside good manners both when it comes to keeping in line with meals and when it comes to being fitter. So before returning to our pre-holiday routine with healthy eating plus exercise, browsing the net, I found a website that I loved, it is the Sculpshe store, in it I was able to find an online page where I found a wide variety of high quality waist trainer vest, sculpting belts and bodies. Sculptshe is dedicated to offering the female gender high quality shaping pieces, each bodysuit and girdle is dedicated to enhancing and sculpting our body in those areas where we need it most. Its wide variety of models will help us feel much more beautiful and sexy and love our body. 
Their designs are produced with the best technology and the best infrastructure, made with the best techniques and materials in the world of design, at incredible and irresistible prices. 
The leading manufacturer of girdles, high quality thong shapewear bodysuit helping to find the perfect solution to cover and satisfy our individual goals. On its page you can find a variety of girdles and bodies with different designs and colors, with a wide variety of sizes from standard to those cataloged as large sizes. I have searched for a small selection of my favorite moldable garments perfect to get in shape and mold those areas with which we are not so comfortable after the summer excesses.

Sculptshe Backless Thong Bodysuit

Sculptshe Latex Double Belts Sport Corset Waist Trainer


I love these tree designs,  the bodies are my favorites because I can wear them as underwear, they hold me in the areas that I need the mpst and how they fit and shape my body I can wear it with any garment,  they are also very flattering when it comes toshow off my models. 
I Love this pinl sculping belt not only because of its color,  but becaise of its material with a latex  waistband,  it can be used during high intensity  workputs,  cardio and abdominal exercises.  It has a zipper  closure and two adjustable elastic velcro straps for different levels of compression, reducing the waist up to 3 sizes.

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